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Hi there, I’m so glad you stopped by for a visit! 

As a woman in my 60’s I’ve lived for more than a few years, had some wonderful highs as well as devastation and loss, plus so much in between, so I know a thing or two about life.

Much of my writing appears on my lifestyle blog, Inspire My Style. I write for women in midlife about the topics that are most pertinent to us, like aging naturally, living a healthy and fit lifestyle, looking casually fashionable to creating a home that we love. If you’re in that wonderful stage of life, check it out!

My main focus here is to provide tools for self development for women over 50, bloggers, someone who may be looking to start a new career, and in some cases, for any person who is looking for inspiration, motivation and knowledge.

I love to share what I’ve learned with others. It’s in my heart and is my passion. I like to call it “delivering inspiration” from me to you.

"Delivering Inspiration" is My Passion

Why is it so important to me, to offer my knowledge, insight, and experience to others?

Well, I know what it’s like to feel that lack of confidence that makes us feel less-than around others that we perceive to have qualities we lack.

I know what it’s like to enjoy success and prosperity, and I know what it’s like to lose everything financially.

I understand what it means to lose the love of your life, way before their time (or yours).

I’ve lived through the process of “one day at a time” to get through the most difficult time period in my life.

I understand what it means to start a business from scratch and work 7 days a week to build it, step-by-step, locally as well as online. It’s hard.

I also know what it’s like to find joy, health, peace, and fulfillment while on my journey through midlife.

I’ve discovered how to live a healthy and fit life as my body goes through that evolving process in my 50’s and 60’s.

So, my friends, I have been through some stuff in my life. And my passion is to share what I’ve learned…with you.

Tools for Self Develoment That are Available Here

We all learn in different ways, at different times in our life. Our midlife years can be exciting, adventurous, and fulfilling. But sometimes we can feel a lack of purpose. That is why I offer these simple and affordable tools for self development. 

We have so much to learn! So many opportunities to become even better, more confident, healthier women.

Discover my approachable style of sharing information and tips for personal growth in areas of life such as self confidence, fitness and exercise, healthy nutrition, fashion and style, even creating a beautiful home that is an expression of your personal style.

I believe that tools for self development like eBooks and eGuides, email courses and online courses, should be affordable for everyone. That’s why my pricing starts at just $3.99 and doesn’t exceed $49. 

Email Courses

You’ll find a variety of learning opportunities here. Most of the time I create online courses that are delivered via email format.


Well, I think that email is easy. Email is simple. 

Most people are familiar with an email system (probably too familiar at times…we get a zillion emails a day, don’t we?) and don’t have to go to a special site, log in, then figure out how to use the format of the online course.

I keep things really simple and affordable! You’ll also find the information to be usable, practical, pertinent and fun to work through. Current available email courses are here.


Sometimes we need a little inspiration, a quick pick-me-up, a shot of motivation…call it what you will…we all find ourselves wanting that boost.

My series of eGuides for women in midlife are the perfect solution!

Less than 50 pages each and packed full of helpful, practical and inspirational tips, advice, how-to’s and more, they are guaranteed to pick you up and help you out.

They are offered individually for a silly little price. Or, own the group of 6 eGuides for the price of 5.

What a deal!

You’ll find all of my current available eBooks and eGuides here.

Inspired Living Printable Pack

As women in midlife, we love to have helpful resources around us to help track our goals, commitments, achievements and of course, the ever-present calendar 🙂

I don’t know about you, but I need all the help I can get, to remember what I’ve done, what’s coming up, and where I’m going.

That’s what was on my mind and heart when I created the Inspired Living Printables. In fact, I use most of these planners and worksheets all the time.

One of my most popular posts on my midlife blog, Inspire My Style, is about a healthy morning routine for women over 50, and why it is so critical to us at this stage in our life. Well, I’ve taken this concept and expanded it into a workbook with suggestions and actual examples of a variety of morning routines, and included a worksheet so you can create the morning routine that works for YOU!

Setting goals, putting our thoughts and dreams down on paper, committing to ourselves to being the best person we can be, is also reflected in several of the planners and worksheets that are a part of Inspired Living.

The ‘It’s My Life’ Accountability Journal is a very effective way to nail down your eating habits as well as other parts of your daily routine. I was amazed at how my nutrition and food consumption changed when I started tracking everything I eat.

A Workout Planner is so helpful when creating the exercise and fitness schedule for you as an individual, and your chances of success greatly increase when you commit that goal to writing.  

Track appointments and goals with a very flexible Fillable Calendar that is offered in two styles. Select the one that works best for you!

The Inspired Living Printable Pack will quickly become your indispensable essential. Learn more and purchase yours today.

There's More to Come

As I write this, the educational opportunities available are small, but they are growing all the time.

I’m excited about the possibilities for sharing so much more information, inspiration and education with email courses. The topics are varied and I’m up for the challenge!

Stay tuned for more to come on that front.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, whatever your interest level may be. Please check out the resources and see what speaks to you!

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