Blogger with a Purpose

Not too long ago I was making some notes and pondering why I was blogging about midlife. Who was I writing for? I had created an avatar, a fictional person to focus on as I was developing post content, so that persona was always at the forefront.

But overall, why was I creating content online? Did it really matter? Does anyone really care?

So, I started writing down my thoughts, and ultimately what came out of it is that I am a blogger with a purpose:

  • I’m a blogger
  • I’m a teacher
  • I’m a coach
  • I’m an educator
  • I’m an encourager of others (not sure if that’s a real word but I like it)
  • And, hopefully, I’m an inspiration to someone, somewhere, some of the time

It can be easy to get caught up in the research, the topics, the post titles, the marketing, the promoting, the monetizing, and everything else that goes into an online business.

And I generally throw myself into a career 110%, which is a good-bad thing. I can become borderline obsessive about the look and feel, the quality, the images…and work very long hours to prove it!

But aside from all of that, I always want to remember that I blog with a purpose. And although the monetization is important because that is a significant source of my income, I never want to let my purpose get lost.

Because if the purpose isn’t there, everything else means so little.

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