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Maybe it’s because I am the middle child. You know…the peacekeeper in the family. Not that my family was full of discord, fighting, or other problems. Actually our family was and still is, very loving and supportive. Not perfect by any means. But still, a loving family. So it’s not about keeping the peace in the family, but I have always been the person who will compromise, accommodate, look at the other person’s point of view, and see the glass as half-full. Whether it’s genetics, upbringing or acquired traits, as a woman in my 60s I find great fulfillment and […]

should ou start a blog in midlife?

When I tell people that I’m a professional midlife blogger, they’re usually surprised, a bit perplexed and a tiny bit impressed. After all, there are millions of bloggers in the world, but a vastly smaller number of professional bloggers; those that blog for a full time living. So, should you start a blog in midlife, or a blog in a different niche? It sounds romantic…sitting on a warm, sunny beach with the palm trees swaying, laptop in hand, sipping on a tropical drink and creating content that millions can’t wait to read…um…not likely, my friend. At least not for a

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This is my first “Fall into Winter” season since moving back from Florida last Christmas. I endured the shock from temps dropping from the 80’s to the 20’s within a couple of days, when I made the drive from Fort Myers, FL to Brighton, MI just prior to Christmas day. Winter was tough, I’m not gonna lie, with the heat turned up, the sun lamp on, and more layers of clothes than I thought I could wear. But I got through it, Spring came, flowers bloomed, and Summer was pleasant. Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons and

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blogger with a purpose

Not too long ago I was making some notes and pondering why I was blogging about midlife. Who was I writing for? I had created an avatar, a fictional person to focus on as I was developing post content, so that persona was always at the forefront. But overall, why was I creating content online? Did it really matter? Does anyone really care? So, I started writing down my thoughts, and ultimately what came out of it is that I am a blogger with a purpose: I’m a blogger I’m a teacher I’m a coach I’m an educator I’m an

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