EverWell Self Care Printable Pack

EverWell Self Care Printable Pack

We all deserve to treat ourselves with respect, love, and care.

The EverWell printable self care worksheets will help you create your own unique self care plan.

Sometimes we need a nudge in the right direction to prompt us to take action. Ongoing self-care and living a lifestyle that puts our physical, emotional, and spiritual well being at the forefront is the goal of many of us. The EverWell Printable Pack will provide you with the tools.

Whether it’s a morning routine, weekly accountability, regular 5-minute journaling, goal setting, or a morning and evening self check in…you’ll find the templates you need. They’re pretty to look at, too!

Why Do We Struggle with Self Care?

Thinking about taking care of yourself and having the desire to live a balanced, healthy life is so much easier than putting it into practice, day in & day out

What keeps us from ‘just doing it?’

Why is it so darn hard to take the time that we know we need in order to be HEALTHIER, STRONGER, HAPPIER, & MORE FOCUSED?

We’re Busy

Life comes at us hard, no matter our age, and it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day as it is, without adding more to it. Who has time for self care??

We’re Distracted

All of those shiny things that vie for our attention on social media, TV, all around us, keep us from drilling down to what we truly need for our personal health and well being.

We’re Unprepared

Turning our desire for a healthy lifestyle into a reality requires that we use resources, and that can take some planning. “I’ll do it later” can become the standard response in our pretty little head as the days, weeks, and months go by.

How Do We Move Forward?

a self care plan for women

First, there are some realities we have to face…

  1. We might not believe in our hearts that we deserve to give ourselves the priority of self care
  2. We sometimes think it’s selfish to put our own needs, wants, and goals as a priority in our lives
  3. We may let others influence our self image and lower our confidence
  4. We are a little lazy about putting pen to paper and making the commitment to ourselves
  5. We think we can do this on our own, without supporting materials and encouragement

Find Flexibility with the Collection

Why does the EverWell Printable Pack have such a variety of options and choices? Well, we all have unique personalities, lifestyles, priorities, and needs. And, those needs may shift and change over time.

What worked so well for us at one time in our life may need to be adjusted and updated. This flexible group of printable self care worksheets can adjust and grow right along with you!

So many options…

  • Take just 5 minutes each day to record your thoughts and feelings with the 5-minute journal printable options. Focus on gratitude if you wish.
  • Stay in focus with your overall emotional and physical health with the Daily Check-in, Morning check in, or Evening check in.
  • Create a healthy morning routine with the suggested layout and bonus workbook.
  • Plan your day in a variety of ways with several options.
  • Set your week up for success with a variety of options for planning, as well as an overall Weekly check in to document your accomplishments, business or personal.
  • Periodically check in with your body as well as your mental health, taking the time to document how you are feeling, and where you want to focus.
  • Set and monitor goals by the year, the month, or by individual goal/project

As you can see, there is a wealth of information you can track, to keep yourself on a healthy path physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What’s Included with the EverWell Printable Pack

With YOUR PURCHASE, you’ll instantly receive 31 pages + a seven page workbook:

  • 4 Daily Journal Layouts
  • 6 Unique Daily Planning Options
  • 5 Weekly Planning Options
  • Mental Health Check-In Worksheet
  • Full Body Check-In Worksheet
  • Goals: Monthly Planner, Monthly Goals, Monthly Review, & Project Planner
  • Morning Routine Worksheets & Inspiration
  • Morning Routine Workbook
  • 5 Covers: Journal, Daily Journal, Notebook, Wellness Journal, My Plans & Goals

Create Your Own Healthy Morning Routine

Use the suggested morning routine components found on the printable as well as in the helpful workbook to formulate a wake-up routine that works for YOU!

Put your plan in place!

Daily, Weekly, Monthly


Establish goals, check in with your body and emotions, document how you feel in the morning, or in the evening. It’s up to you.

Questions? I have answers!

a self care digital package for women

You'll make that decision based on your self-care needs as well as your lifestyle. For example, if a morning routine is a healthy habit you've always wanted to create, you'll probably want to take a closer look at the workbook and worksheets for that purpose.
If goal-setting is a priority, you'll gravitate to those worksheets.
5-minute journaling will leap out at you if you've been intending to start a journaling routine.
As you can see, there is no set process or way to utilize these resources. That's what makes them so flexible and relevant.

The EverWell Printable Pack resources are intended to be printed and written on. That is one of the unique characteristics of a printable.
It's not an app, nor is it a digital formatted process. Rather, it's a personal connection for you to document your life challenges, goals, thoughts, dreams, and accomplishments.

Of course, and I sure hope that you do! You'll find that some worksheets will be used over and over again

While you can print your pages on any type of paper you desire, there are some types of paper that work better than others for this purpose.
I've got you covered! Head over to my resource, best paper for planner printables, and discover what will work the best for you.

Give yourself the gift of ongoing self-care. You deserve it!

Get Started Right Now, Today

There will never be a better day, a better time, than right now, my friend. Start slowly or dive right in, the choice is yours. But do something. Take a step toward a healthier life.

Just $12 for the entire EverWell Self Care Printable Worksheets Pack.

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