How Memories Can Impact Our Emotions

I decided to terminate my 18+ year relationship with Quickbooks this morning. If you’re not familiar, Quickbooks is an online bookkeeping system for businesses.

Back in the early 2000’s, when my husband and I were just getting our building company off the ground, I (as the appointed bookkeeper for the business) decide to go with Quickbooks.

So it’s been a part of my business life for a long time, most recently for my home staging/decorating business.

But things change with time, and my need for a bookkeeping service is not what it used to be. I found the monthly fee to be more than what I wanted to pay.

So I found another simple, free online source for my bookkeeping needs and hit the ‘cancel’ button with Quickbooks this morning.

And then the tears came. What??? What in the world was I getting tearful over? It’s just a bookkeeping service.

But then I sat for a moment and thought about the ‘why’.

It was the memories that went along with Quickbooks. Randy and I in our early 40’s ready to take on the world with our residential building and log home companies. Building beautiful custom homes, log homes, and starter or retirement spec homes.

All the fun (and stress) that went along with those companies.

After we moved to Florida and started new businesses, Quickbooks came along, through the good times and bad, it was always a part of my ongoing responsibilities as a business owner.

After Randy passed on New Years Day in 2016, I threw myself into my home staging business, and it helped me survive that first year and beyond, still with Quickbooks.

So when I thought about it, I likened that seemingly perfunctory decision to a long history of business ownership, much of it with my late husband.

I let the tears flow for a few minutes, thinking about those times, and then was able to move past the moment.

I’ve had similar moments when I hear songs, smell a particular scent, drive past a restaurant, park, or beach, or see a movie title. The feelings and emotions come rushing at me, sometimes with tears.

But I think that’s okay. Memories really do impact our emotions, and to me it’s keeping that connection alive with someone we’ve loved.

I will always love you, my man. xo

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