Inspired Living Printable Pack

Goal Setting Planners & Worksheets for Women Over 50

Inspired Living Printable Package for women over 50

Candi Randolph creator of The Fashion CureLife gets easier and simpler as we get older, right? Well, sometimes yes, and sometimes, not so much.


On one hand, we have so much to look forward to and we want to make the most of our life today, and going forward. There really is nothing we can’t do if we put our minds to it. 


On the other hand, if I don’t write something down, and do it quickly, it might leave my little head forever! Does that ever happen to you???


But here is one thing I know for sure as a woman in my 60’s, and that is how critically important it is for me to take care of my body, my mind, and my spirit, as I age. That I won’t forget!


This Inspired Living Printable Pack was created and designed specifically for women in midlife, because it really is a unique time in our lives. Our wants, needs and aspirations are not what they were in our youth. And that’s a good thing, I think. 


As I put the goal setting planners and worksheets together I thought about what has proven helpful to me, how easy it is to use and how often I’ve referred to it.


If you’re a person who finds it helpful to see things in writing but doesn’t want too much clutter and complication, this pretty little pack of worksheets, planners, and resources might be the perfect choice!

What's Included in the Inspired Living Pack

inspired living printable pack

Healthy Morning Routine Workbook and Worksheet

Morning Routine WorksheetA consistent, healthy Morning Routine goes a long way toward helping us maintain a balanced life, and having a positive, productive day,  by beginning our days in a consistent and healthy manner. But the truth is, we are all unique, and one particular set of morning routine actions doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.



You’ll find a workbook that guides you through some of the most common morning routine activities and actions, explaining why they are so critical, and then offers a number of examples for you to work from.


Your Morning Routine Worksheet is the perfect place to record your thoughts and anticipated actions, creating your own unique morning routine. You can try, test, and tweak, to develop the routine that starts your day out right!

"Promises to Myself" Goals & Dreams Planner

Promises to Myself Worksheet

This planner/worksheet combo is a wonderful tool for creating accountability to yourself for the goals, dreams, and small steps you want to take in your life.


Will writing down your goals and dreams ensure that they’ll come true? Well, it’s not magic, my friend, but you’ll be so much farther ahead when you take the time to record them and keep them in full view!


The sections are distinct yet all relate to each other:  Goals, Small Steps, Daydreams, and Notes. It’s a flexible type of planner and can be updated when needed.


I used my Promises to Myself Planner for about 3 months before updating, but you can update it whenever it seems right for you!

Workout Planner

Inspired Living Workout PlannerThis is a great tool for you to commit to, then track your progress each week with an exercise plan.


It’s one thing to say, “I’m going to walk 3 miles twice a week, ride my bike twice a week, and do strength training exercises 3 times per week.”  Sounds good, right?


But then the week is thrown into high gear, things happen, and before you know it, Friday is here. What did you do to reach your exercise goal for the week? Can you remember what you did yesterday, the day before that?


Setting your plan, in writing, for the week, then checking off as you complete that activity, will give you a true, clear picture of what you’re actually doing to keep your body healthy and strong.

"It's My Life" Accountability Journal

Inspired Living Accountability Journal


I created this journal a couple of years ago when I struggled with finding a balance with my eating habits. I thought I was eating healthy and properly, but didn’t feel my best, and the scale didn’t like me too much, either!




This one-page journal is meant to be used for a week at a time, with several areas to track:

  • Daily Eating Habits
  • Exercise
  • Water Consumption
  • Vitamins

It was amazing what I learned when I started to record everything I ate. Yes, everything. 

And it doesn’t matter what type of eating plan you follow…if you really, truly want to know what is going on, write it all down!


I have been able to stay on a healthier path with nutrition, and when I falter, I know where and why.

If you want to keep track of your workouts and exercise here, there is a place for some notes.


How much water are you consuming every day? How do you keep track? A quick check mark for each glass will help you know if you’ve kept sufficiently hydrated. Hint: not only does water keep our bodies functioning properly, it can also help us look younger. Who doesn’t want that??


How about your vitamins? Have you taken them today? Do you remember? I don’t. That’s why I write it does make a difference.

"This Week" Planner

This Week Goals and Planner

A flexible tool to help you track your week with tasks, goals, priorities and short term wins. Being able to see your progress, even in small steps, right in front of you, is such a strong motivator!



And, there is a special area at the top of the planner for you to record your own current motivation, whatever that may be. Remind yourself, every day, of what you are working toward.

Fillable Monthly Calendar

Inspired Living Fillable Calendar

If you prefer to use your own calendar to track appointments, tasks, goals and more, this pretty and fillable monthly calendar will work perfectly for you. 



It’s offered in two versions, both very similar, with one version reminding you, “Where am I Going?”, and “How am I Growing?”

With the variety of planners and worksheets in the Inspired Living Printable Pack, plus the fillable calendar, you’ll have everything you need to motivate and inspire yourself to meet your goals and dreams!


Your Cost: Just $7

Weekly Goals planner for women over 50

Free for You! 'THIS WEEK' Planner

Isn't it fun to be able to see, and use, a printable for free? Well, I'm giving you just that! Print out this handy, helpful, motivational worksheet that's included in the Inspired Living Printable Pack. I truly believe that once you see how practical (and pretty) it is to use, you'll want the entire package. 💗 Click on the image to download!

This printable package is a wonderful compliment to the Fresh Start Challenge, an email series course that helps you find the balance with mind, body, and spirit so you’re on a firm, healthy foundation and ready to reach your goals and aspirations. Check it out!

Why Inspired Living Printables?

There are literally thousands of printables out there for you to choose from, and I know that many are free. I offer plenty of free resources on  my midlife blog, Inspire My Style.



What makes the Inspired Living Printable Pack unique? Well, it was created for women over 50 in mind. We’re at a unique point in our lives and the tools and resources we choose should work for us specifically.



These resources are also designed to be used together if desired. Yes, there is some overlap in the material, but I did that for a reason. We are unique women and see things differently. One size does not fit all!



You might choose one planner over another, or use them in different ways. There is plenty of flexibility here, and each resource compliments the others.



And, they’re pretty to look at. Whether you choose to print them in color or black and white, isn’t it nice to see something that is pleasing to the eye, especially when you’re going to be looking at them every day?


Inspired Living Printable Package for women over 50

Are You Ready?

Get your life moving forward, girlfriend, and do more than think about what you want to do with your life. Thinking about a healthy lifestyle is cool, but it doesn't get you there. Pondering your next business, relationship, vacation, relocation, or whatever is in your head and on your mind, won't happen without effort and planning. Why not make the planning, the actions, the commitment, the effort, something that is right in front of you, looking awesome and encouraging you to keep going!

Just $7 to download all of the Inspired Living Printables

Note that as soon as your payment is processed you’ll receive immediate access to the printable pack as well as a helpful printout for suggested uses. Easy Peasy!

NOTE: The images you see throughout show samples of each of the resources. You may notice that there is an image of a pretty pink bow on them. That will not be there when you download and print the resources.💗  🎀  

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