Midlife eGuide Series


Midlife eGuide Series

A Collection of Short, Impactful Writings for Women in Midlife


As women in midlife, we are experiencing change from every direction. There are many positives, but the adjustment in our lifestyle, family dynamics, potential relocations, and then everything going on with our bodies (inside and out!) can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming.

Sitting down in a quiet place with a beverage in hand to gain some positive inspiration and direction might be just what you need! ☕ 📔

This collection of simple yet inspiring eGuides is packed full of helpful tips, practical information, useful printables, reference material and more.

Think of these little eGuides as your time-saving shortcuts to reducing stress and learning more about yourself, without having to scroll through tons of blog posts and spend time on Google searches.

You’ll have these downloadable resources at your fingertips:

  • Eating Well – tips for choosing wisely and enjoying healthy meals
  • Fitness After 50 – a guide for women
  • Fashion Over 50 – define your style and dress with confidence 
  • Self Confidence After 50 – essentials of healthy growth & self development
  • Wellness After 50 – essentials of self care


midlife eguide series



Each guide sells for $3.99, a very affordable price on their own.

Purchase all 5 eGuides for just $15.95, a savings of $3.99. It’s like getting one eGuide for free!

If you feel like your nutritional habits are a bit out of control, Eating Well can help get you back on track with simple tips for overall healthier eating, why a food diary could be just what you need (it was a tremendous eye-opener for me!), clean eating suggestions and more.

Staying fit and strong has never been more important than our midlife years, my friends. In Fitness After 50, you’ll be taken straight to the point, with the best types of exercise routines and why you need them, walking tips (which is one of the best ways to exercise!) and more.

Sometimes we lose some of our fashion confidence as our bodies adjust to midlife. Fashion Over 50 will give you a quick study of how to use your body shape to more confidently. This is the short prelude to my newest course, The Fashion Cure.

Our self confidence can take a beating as we travel through midlife. Self Confidence After 50 is packed with encouragement, healthy living tips and perspective, self-development advice and more.

Midlife brings so many positive experiences into our life, but we can also find ourselves pulled in many directions, particularly if we are providing care for our aging parents and our grandchildren. Wellness After 50 targets those pressure points and gives practical advice for healthy living, a simple morning routine, self-care essentials and more.


Candi Randolph, Author

Candi Randolph Midlife Blogger, author and course creator


Hey there! I thought you might like to see who wrote this little gem. I’m a woman in midlife who’s had some significant life experiences, highs and lows, and have continued to thrive, one day at a time.

I love to share my insights, thoughts, how-to’s and more, with readers through my blog, InspireMyStyle.com, as well as written material like this little guide. Join the hundreds of other women who have found inspiration and motivation through these short, helpful eGuides.


Midlife eGuide Collection: All 5 handy reference guides for the price of 4!

Save $3.99 on this collection of useful, practical and relatable guides that can help you keep your life on a positive, healthy track, one small eGuide at a time.

Grab your collection and make self care a priority today!

Because if you don’t care for yourself, who will?



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