Midlife Magic – Beat Belly Fat Free Course


A free email series course from Candi Randolph that will inspire, motivate, and provide practical tips and useful material to help guide you through the challenges of midlife, that pesky belly fat in particular. Sign up today for free!

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Midlife is a wonderful time in our lives, but can be challenging and frustrating too, as our bodies change and shift, seemingly right before our eyes! Discover what Midlife Magic, a free email series course, can do for you as you travel through your 50s and 60s. I’ve created a helpful and inspirational series that is full of helpful tips, suggestions, and a little bit of ‘magic’ too! You’ll receive:

  • Eating plan that has helped me look and feel better, and even lose a few pounds
  • Healthy recipes
  • Skin care for mature skin
  • Workout tips
  • Self Confidence boosters
  • And more!

You’ll receive a series of periodic, motivational, practical, and helpful messages delivered to your inbox over the course of a month. Just often enough to be helpful and timely. And, the great thing about email courses is that you can save them and re-read at any time. Very convenient!

Sound intriguing? Sign Up Today, It’s Free!

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