Should You Start a Blog in Midlife?

When I tell people that I’m a professional midlife blogger, they’re usually surprised, a bit perplexed and a tiny bit impressed. After all, there are millions of bloggers in the world, but a vastly smaller number of professional bloggers; those that blog for a full time living.

So, should you start a blog in midlife, or a blog in a different niche? It sounds romantic…sitting on a warm, sunny beach with the palm trees swaying, laptop in hand, sipping on a tropical drink and creating content that millions can’t wait to read…um…not likely, my friend.

At least not for a few years, or longer, if ever. When I’m asked how it’s going with my business,, my response after almost 2 years (with more than 10 years dabbling in website creation and marketing), I usually tell them that it’s “coming along”.

And things are coming along for me at this point in time. But it has not been easy, or simple, and nothing has fallen into my (online) lap without many hours of learning, experimenting, failing, more education, 2 steps forward and 1 step back, and repeat the cycle.

But you know what? I have a passion for what I’m doing, speaking about the joys, challenges, woes, wins, losses, frustrations and immense satisfaction that is gained as a woman in my 60’s. That passion keeps me going, along with my determination to own and run this business successfully.

Business ownership is not new to me, although most have been offline businesses. That feeling of pride, accomplishment, experience, and the ability to help someone who needs my services, my expertise, my passion, is what motivates me to continue.

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Is a Midlife Blog the Right Choice for You?

should you start a midlife blog?

Blogging is a tough business for anyone at any age. As a woman in midlife, I’ve acquired the life experience that a 20-something doesn’t, and my old eyes have seen a fair bit more than a 30-something.

Those ten plus years I spent learning about the online world have served me well, mostly on the technical side of things. One of the biggest eye-openers for me since creating Inspire My Style has been how much I did not know about building an organic online presence as well as how to market myself and my blog.

So, let me ask a few questions of you:

  1. Why do you want to start a midlife blog?
  2. What is going to be your main focus?
  3. What do you know about blogging or creating a website?
  4. How much time do you plan to put into the blog?
  5. Are you going to write for pleasure? to make money? both? any other reason?
  6. What do you hope to accomplish by starting a midlife blog?
  7. What is your budget for the blog/business?

While you ponder your responses, I’ll throw in my two-cents:

The question, should you start a blog in midlife, is really the starting point. If your response is anything less than a hearty, “absolutely!”, I would not jump into it.

Blogging is no different than any other business. If your heart is not in it you probably won’t succeed.

How about your main focus? It’s not as simple as “a midlife blog”. There are many narrower niches within the term, midlife blog, and you should consider what your approach will be.

I think that is a rookie mistake that I made going in, and I still feel like my niche is too wide as a lifestyle blogger. “Lifestyle” includes many facets, like fashion, travel, health, fitness, family, relationships, and more.

It is not easy to be viewed as an expert in all of these areas, and although it can be done, it’s not easy and you’re making your job as a blogger more difficult, especially starting out now, in late 2019 or beyond.

My advice would be to get your focus narrowed down as much as possible. My blog focuses on women over 60 and the vast majority of topics cover natural aging, healthy living, and casual fashion. That’s probably too wide of a focus and I know it, but at this point in time I don’t want to change the design of the blog so I’m rolling with it as is.

Because of my experience as an interior decorator and home stager, I also write about home decor at times, but that is not my focus. Remember this: you can’t be everything to everyone.

If you don’t know anything about creating a website, or blogging, you’re not alone! And, it shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your passion. But, make sure you reach out and get the help you need to start off on the right path.

There are many resources out there to help. I would suggest that you start with this Free, 5-Day course on starting a blog. That’s what I did, and found it very helpful.

I actually signed up for the full blogging course with the creators, Heather and Pete Reese, and for a new blogger, it’s a wonderful foundation.

My advice? Don’t go it alone. Get the help you need from day one. You’ll be glad you did.

Deciding how much time to put into your blogging business can be tough, because frankly, at first, it will seem like an overwhelming, 24-hour a day job. There is just so much to learn!

There are some things that just can’t be rushed, and getting your blog established, running smoothly and being seen out there in the internet world is one of those things.

My caution is this: don’t take short cuts that you hope will get the job done quicker, easier, or without effort on your part. It just doesn’t work that way.

What is Your Goal with a Blog?

why do you want to start a blog?

What I am asking you is, are you planning on blogging as a hobby? Or perhaps to express an opinion on a particular subject? Sometimes, people create a blog as a creative outlet, or as a therapeutic way to overcome an obstacle or life-changing experience.

Still others blog because they want to earn money from it. And, the question that naturally follows is, do you want to earn a little bit of money (some extra cash on the side) or do you want to earn a living from your blog?

I think that although you don’t have to nail down this answer from day 1, it is important to come to a decision sooner rather than later, particularly if you want to earn an income from your endeavor.

This question ties right in with the next two: what you hope to accomplish, and what are you willing to invest into your online business?

Maybe your goal is to become an Over 50 Fashion Blogger, or a Travel Blogger who speaks to women in midlife, or a Food Blogger. Depending on your niche, you may or may not write specifically to women in your age genre.

So, think about the goal…who your audience is, what your message will be.

Finally, your investment into this business of blogging. I’ll cover these areas more specifically in another post, but please hear this: You will get out of this blogging business what you put into it. There are no short cuts. There really isn’t such a thing as a “free” blog platform.

You can find a place in the internet world that will provide a hosting service for free, but if you are serious about making this your business, don’t do it!

You can read more of my thoughts about blogging for the beginner here

Bottom line? The question, should you start a blog in midlife, should be given thoughtful consideration. It’s a lot of hard work but can be totally worth it and rewarding if you keep at it, don’t give up and put 100% of yourself into your blog.

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