Stage Like a Pro – Licensed Home Staging Images

Starting a brand new business is always daunting, no matter the niche.

With a home staging business, it’s even tougher. Why? Well, potential clients almost always want to see your portfolio of staged home projects. They want to see a visual of the ‘before’ and after’ of a room in a home, and how it can be transformed through effective home staging techniques.

But, what do you do if you don’t have any home staging projects to show yet? (I’ve got an amazing idea and plan for you that answer that question, and you can learn more about it right here, when I discuss my New Home Stager Training and Marketing Program, Stage Like a Pro!)

You also need to have some beautiful images to use in your marketing materials and on social media. But, where do they come from when you’re a brand new home stager?

Well, that’s where my home staging licensed images come to the rescue!

My successful home staging business resulted in a massive portfolio of images from my own projects. I took each photo myself. And, I’m going to give you permission to use this select group of them as you build your own business.

I’ve been asked the question, “Isn’t this cheating? False advertising?” No, it’s not. Because you’re going to use these images as examples of home staging projects, and you won’t claim them as your own.

As you gain clients and create your own image portfolio, you’ll replace these images with your own.

I’m giving you the opportunity to start out on day one with professional- looking marketing materials and examples you can show clients of what a real home staging project looks like.

Licensed Home Staging Images Package

stage like a pro licensed images

Home Staging Project Photos

  • A collection of Before and After photos from real home staging projects that I will give you permission to use in your marketing materials.
  • 8 sets of before/after images
  • 4 square images
  • 4 vertical images
  • The logo you see on these images will not appear on the project photos!


When my business was a fledgling “home staging baby” I desperately wanted professional-looking images to show the impact of home staging, and they were just not available to me. Sure, there were a few images offered as part of the resources from the staging certification site I had used, but they weren’t top notch and honestly, were pretty boring.

And of course, you can’t just go and use the pretty images from other sites, because we all know that’s illegal and just plain wrong. You’ll have the ability to use my images via the license I’ll provide, and they’ll help you immensely as you build your website, Facebook business page, social media marketing and more.

Many people need to see the visual before they’ll truly understand a concept, and these before/after images will help you conquer that hurdle. And of course you won’t pass them off as your own, you’ll be using them as examples. It’s a win-win!

And, in case you’re wondering how to put all of this home staging business information and photos to practical use in your own life, you’ll want to take a serious look at my new home stager marketing and training plan, Stage Like a Pro! It’s the perfect compliment to the licensed images and gives you everything you need to start a home staging business with confidence.

Please note that this product is not refundable.

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