The Changing of the Season – A Florida Girl Preparing for Winter

This is my first “Fall into Winter” season since moving back from Florida last Christmas.

I endured the shock from temps dropping from the 80’s to the 20’s within a couple of days, when I made the drive from Fort Myers, FL to Brighton, MI just prior to Christmas day.

Winter was tough, I’m not gonna lie, with the heat turned up, the sun lamp on, and more layers of clothes than I thought I could wear.

But I got through it, Spring came, flowers bloomed, and Summer was pleasant.

Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons and I missed the sights, sounds, and smells that accompany it when I lived in Florida. So it’s been fun to feel the crispness in the air when I walk, hear the leaves crunch under my feet and enjoy the warm, comfort food (as well as the cider and donuts) that speaks of Autumn.

Preparing for Winter’s Chilly Entrance

the return of winter is approaching

The temperatures are dropping daily, with lows in the 30’s now. I asked my kids if this was normal for mid-October, as it’s been years since I’ve lived here during this transition.

Apparently it happens every year. Sigh.

So I’ve been putting away the bathing suits and tank tops (well, most of them. I don’t feel like ‘me’ unless I wear a tank top at some point), and hauling out the winter PJ’s and socks.

And I can do that. But what I’m finding is the stuff that’s going on in my head that is distracting me.

I don’t want it to get cold outside. I don’t want to see the snow (except a light dusting on Christmas Eve), I don’t want to feel the chill that permeates my bones. I just don’t.

But here I am, in the chilly Midwest. Why? My family is here, everyone I love. I’m not here for the weather, that’s for sure!

So I have to get my mind right, get my heart right, and be grateful. Grateful that I’m a healthy 60’ish woman who has the ability to do what she loves and be near her family.

The holidays are swiftly approaching, so instead of planning a weekend flight for a few precious days with those I love, or having phone/skype conversations to wish them a wonderful holiday, (or walking on the beach and sending photos of the waves & sand), I’ll be right here, with them, to love. No matter how cold it is outside.

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