Eating Well After 50


Eating Well After 50 – A Guide to Healthy Choices

healthy eating in midlife


Eating Well After 50 eGuide for Women

Life is supposed to get easier, simpler and more fun as we age, right? It can, of course, be a wonderful experience.

But we also find stress, change, life situations, family issues, and a host of other factors outside of our control.

Our bodies are going through a transformation on the inside as well as what we can see. And sometimes we don’t care for that image in the mirror. Choosing our foods wisely, planning well, and incorporating nutrition into an overall healthy lifestyle is essential!

If you feel like your nutritional habits are a bit out of control, Eating Well  After 50 eGuide can help get you back on track with simple tips for overall healthier eating, why a food diary could be just what you need (it was a tremendous eye-opener for me!), clean eating suggestions and more.


Candi Randolph – Author

Candi Randolph Midlife Blogger, author and course creator

Hey there! I thought you might like to see who wrote this little gem. I’m a woman in midlife who’s had some significant life experiences, highs and lows, and have continued to thrive, one day at a time.

I love to share my insights, thoughts, how-to’s and more, with readers through my blog,, as well as written material like this little guide.¬†Join the hundreds of other women who have found inspiration and motivation through these short, helpful eGuides.

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